Performance Treatments

Faher products are all oil based, were developed in the United States and are refined and manufactured in Spain. FAHER's oil additive products are chemically engineered anti friction treatments. They were developed to give you the highest protection and performance possible from any lubricant. Their products can be used in all types of mineral or synthetic lubricants are not harmful to gaskets, seals, are non-corrosive to all metals including iron, steel, aluminium, bronze and their respective alloys.

Over the last few years the nature of motoring fuels offered by the main oil companies has changed and in general it is not good news for seals, some fuel pumps and other components. Faher's fuel additives have, in our opinion, the best cleansing properties of any cleaner but far more critically they not only clean they lubricate. This critical quality is not present in other fuel cleaners. Moreover in addition to their cleansing and lubrication capabilities, Faher petrol treatment incorporates an octane enhancer whilst Faher diesel treatment enhances cetane numbers, this results in cleaner burning which is one of the reasons why emission levels are reduced

In our view Faher manufacture the best friction reduction and engine protection products on the market. We have tested the PTFE oil additive in an MGF which after treatment was drained of oil and then driven at speeds in excess of 70 mph over a distance of 5 miles. The engine did not seem excessively hot, with the absence of oil the top end was clickety but there were no other bearing related noises and after the engine was re-filled with oil within 5 minutes it was as quiet if not quieter than before and the engine performance completely unaffected. Faher's fuel additives are equally impressive and we are delighted to be able to bring these quality products to you.

The fact is that we were so impressed that we have invested in a live test rig and we will be pleased to provide interested parties with a personal demonstration, please call Chris on 07500-900952 or email to arrange your demonstration.

The main oil product benefits applicable to all engines

• Inhibits oxidation, increasing the durability of the lubricant.
• Inhibits corrosion, protecting the surfaces it comes into contact with.
• It is an anti-emulsifier and does not dilute in water.
• Pre treatment of components helps to improve the operation in low temperatures.
• Reduces friction by up to 90% which prolongs component life,

Additional Benefits for classic car owners

* Significantly reduced engine temperature which helps prevent any tendencies to overheat or misfire.
* The oil treatments protect from any water in the fuel which can result from condensation within the tank.
* The fuel treatments have unique lubrication properties , they do not dry out components in carburettors etc.
* The petrol treatment contains a lead replacement to further protect valve seats and valves

Although well established in various countries Faher are not yet well known here in the UK. In such a competitive market where so many branded products with powerful marketing tools are available breaking in to this niche area is a challenge but the reason for their success is simple, they manufacture what we believe to be the best products of there type available and as such we are delighted to stock them.

Friction reducing oil treatments

There are two variants HD suitable for engines that have done between 5 & 100,000 miles and PTFE for higher mileage engines

Fuel system lubricants

Unlike almost all fuel system cleansers Faher fuel treatment incorporates significant lubrication to counter the tendency to "dry out" components, they also absorb moisture which can build up especially in cars that have been stood for a while.

Aerosol and other lubricants

Faher's aerosol lubricants and engineering sprays are of the same exceptional quality, in our opinion there simply is nothing else available which performs anywhere near as well.