Oil Treatments

Oil Treatment

The main oil product benefits applicable to all engines

• Inhibits oxidation, increasing the durability of the lubricant.
• Inhibits corrosion, protecting the surfaces it comes into contact with.
• It is an anti-emulsifier and does not dilute in water.
• Pre-treatment of components helps to improve the operation in low temperatures.
• Reduces friction by up to 90% which prolongs component life,

Additional Benefits for classic car owners

* Significantly reduced engine temperature which helps prevent any tendencies to overheat or misfire.
* The oil treatments protect from any water in the fuel which can result from condensation within the tank.

There are two variants HD suitable for engines that have done between 5 & 100,000 miles and PTFE for higher mileage engines. The same benefits can be gained by using Faher in Gearboxes and differentials however because of the superior anti-friction qualities of the PTFE it must not be used in Automatic gearboxes or Wet clutches.
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