Fire Extinguishers

With the hectic lives we lead, there is seldom time to consider the "what ifs" and sadly the stories of owners who have lost their pride and joy to fire are sadly not that uncommon. Hot engines and sticky carburettor floats or split fuel pipes can be all it takes and within virtually no time at all smoke from under the bonnet escalates into a full blown fire and a wrecked car.

We are approved stockists of Fireblitz fire extinguishers, built here in the UK they come with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee and are in our view amongst the best you can fit.

Thankfully it is possible to put a fire extinguisher in your car for surprisingly little outlay and we would urge you to consider whether the next £20 you spend is better spent on unleaded petrol which might last the weekend or a fire extinguisher that will provide you with years of peace of mind and protection.
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