Additional Faher Products

Faher also manufacture a High Quality 2 Stroke Oil and three selected aerosol products.

100% Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil with Antifriction treatment

Offers Total engine protection, including valves and piston rings in high revving engines. The high detergent capabilities reduce the build-up of carbon deposits to spark plugs, piston rings and exhaust components.
Suitable for 2 stroke engines using self-mix or injection pump lubricated (auto-lube systems). This 2 Stroke Oil also reduces engine noise and smoke emissions, helping to prevent pollution. Meets and exceeds API TC and JASO FC Standards.
Specially formulated for 2 Stroke motorcycles, karts, Snowmobiles, Jet Skies, chainsaws.

All Purpose Super Lubricant Spray

Prevents noise friction and dirt. Releases seized components. Displaces humidity, lubricates and protects moving parts and oxidized bores. Excellent as an antioxidant and corrosion inhibitor for periods of storage. Developed for industrial use in agriculture and the automotive industry, it has numerous domestic and recreational uses.
For lubrication and protection of chains, bearings, bolts, drive chains, guides, tools, etc... Easy to apply in difficult access areas.

High Performance Lubricant

Has a high Resistance to pressure and temperature. Great detergent characteristics protecting against oxidising and corrosion. Prevents tool seizure. Maintains, cleans and prevents dust build up in guides, drilling machines and high performance equipment.

Premium Anti-friction PTFE Spray

Antifriction treatment spray reinforced with a unique micronized PTFE  which gives it a high resistance to pressure and temperature. It repels salt water, fresh water, dust, corrosive fluids, modern chemicals, soil and sand. Penetrates the metal creating a microporous film, decreasing friction by up to 90% which will definitely improve the performance and easily double the life time of any chain, bearing, etc. This spray delivers amazing results when it comes to joints and small loaded bearings such as derailleurs and frame pivot points.
Recommended for chains (standard, O-Ring, X-Ring and Z-Ring chains), open gears, industrial and agricultural machinery, quarry, marine and mining machinery, bearings, transmissions, mills, guides, cranes. Easy application in difficult access areas.
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